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Talking about how tired you are is almost as annoying as complaining about the weather but guys, I am so tired! Jordan and I plan on waltzing in to our parent's house next week, plopping Phoenix in someone's lap, and taking a long nap. Despite iffy sleep, Phoenix was such a ham while my parents were in town.

Slowly, but surely, (with the extra help from our parents) our house is coming together. There is still so much more to do, but first on the list is window treatments. We currently have paper covering the windows. HAHA. It's the epitome of classy.

Last night I went to a ladies wine night and it was so refreshing. I thought I'd be more social by now, but honestly most days I'm so wiped out the desire to go out at night hasn't been strong. Moving and all that entails has only compounded my exhaustion. It might even be more important to cultivate relationships during the hard seasons.

Onto the links!

24 Hours in Sonoma | Jordan and I spent an evening in Napa Valley during our California road trip. We were passing through on our way from San Francisco to Sacramento. I'd love to go back and explore more of Northern California's wine country. This time when I'm not pregnant. ;-)

A New Year | How do we reconcile when a particular life season is over? Bridget writes honestly about being in the last-baby phase of life. I love this...

"if the years were more fluid, if we could move back and forth on them like a scale, seamlessly spending a few hours in our childhood home, then traveling over to relive that first moment when you laid eyes on your new baby and the world as you knew it was forever changed. that moment will forever be the moment for me. back home in time to get dinner on the table! these are the things i think about sometime."

I've often thought I wish I could relive the newlywed days. We didn't fully understand the freedom we had!

Pear and Pecan Salad | One of my sisters-in-law makes the best salads. If I was in charge of bringing a salad to Thanksgiving (instead of her), I would make this. A fresh salad helps to break up all of those heavy casseroles!

DIY Spray Painted Copper Pumpkins | A simple project for a beautiful holiday table scape. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Are you hosting? Traveling to family?

Kate McKinnon | I watched Saturday Night Live in high school, but not every week. At some point, fairly early on in our relationship, Jordan and I started regularly watching SNL. Every few seasons a breakout star emerges, such as: Chris Farley, Will Ferrill, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Bill Hader.

If you haven't been paying attention to Kate McKinnon, I highly recommend watching clips of her sketches. She is so talented. The most recent cold open on SNL gave Jordan and I goosebumps. Even if you aren't a Hillary Clinton supporter (Kate plays her), disregard the costume, Kate singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah is moving none the less.

Happy Weekend, all!

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