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San Francisco's Haight Ashbury Neighborhood

Jordan and I spent 2.5 weeks in April and May of 2016 driving the coast of California. If you'd like to start at the beginning click here. dsc02699

After exploring Fisherman's Wharf and The Palace of Fine Arts, Jordan and I spent a few hours in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood. We ate lunch at a local cafe, browsed inside a lot of quirky stores and of course bought a few records at Ameoba. It's not an outing without a trip to a record store!


Haight Ashbury, like NYC's Greenich Village, was the home to many aspiring artists. Jimi Hendricks, Janis Joplin and Jerry Garcia all called Haight Ashbury their home. In 1978, Patty Hearst was held for ransom in this neighborhood. Eek! After a quick Google search, I discovered Dana Carvey, Robin Williams and Whoopi Goldberg all launched their careers from the 1980s club scene!

A lot of revitalization has happened, but many of the store fronts still looked and feel old. I'm glad San Francisco keeps so much of their history intact. Jordan and I mostly popped in and out of different stores. There is a lot of great window shopping in the Haight!


^ Packing enough weather appropriate clothes for Southern and Northern California wasn't easy! I was so cold in San Francisco, I didn't factor in the wind. I resorted to wearing leggings underneath my dress for added warmth. Later in the day I bought a scarf. Who travels without a scarf?! 




^ Wouldn't you love to curl up with a book and read in front of this window?


^ We ate a leasisurly and delicious lunch at The Grind Cafe. I went back later (right before hopping back on the bus) to grab a cookie because you know, third trimester. :-)




^ Obviously, we had to visit a record store. Amoeba Music is an independent music chain with different locations in California. 



Haight Ashbury San Francisco

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