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Whiter Teeth with Smile Brilliant + A Giveaway

teeth whitening with smile brilliant A few months ago, while walking the aisles of Target, with my sleeping newborn, I found myself in the teeth whitening aisle. It had been years since I last used whitening strips and I was beginning to think it was time to try them again. I selected a random box and quickly left before Phoenix woke up!

Upon returning home, I received an email from Smile Brilliant, a teeth whitening company created by dental professionals. Instead of adhering ill-fitting strips to your teeth, Smile Brilliant produces custom-fitted whitening trays which are delivered straight to your door! Clearly, their system is much better than what I could find in a store.

teeth whitening with smile brilliant

Smile Brilliant offers professional teeth whitening at a fraction of the cost. I now know, after reading through their website, the key to uniform teeth whitening is in the delivery method, i.e. custom fitted trays. The active whitening agent is similar across the board, but the box of whitening strips I purchased at Target wouldn't be able to reach every nook and cranny. Especially, if your teeth aren't completely straight. Unfortunately, trays at dentist's offices cost $500 + due to labor and time.

"Smile brilliant is a professional dental lab without the dentist. We deliver 3x-5x faster and save customers more than 70% off the traditional cost of dentist whitening."

As a new mom, fitting in extra doctor's appointments, while not impossible, is challenging. If not for Smile Brilliant, I would have to pay a baby-sitter to visit my dentist for trays!

teeth whitening with smile brilliant

teeth whitening with smile brilliant

Okay, so how does Smile Brilliant's system work?

Step 1: Order a complete package based on your sensitivity and stain level. Make your dental impressions with the materials provided and mail back to Smile Brilliant in prepaid envelope.

Step 2: The Smile Brilliant lab receives your dental impressions, crafts an exact model of your teeth, and hand finishes a custom-fitted tray.

Step 3: Smile Brilliant is a two-part system. First, add professional teeth whitening gel to your trays and wear for 45 minutes-3 hours. Next, add the de-sensitizing gel to your trays and wear for 15-20 minutes. The de-sensitizing gel diminishes tooth sensitive, re-mineralizes and replenishes your teeth and prevents re-staining.

What I love most about this system is you can whiten at your own pace. The gel remains effective for one year (if stored at room temperature) and two years (if refrigerated). They even offer tray replacements for a small shipping fee! I'm working a lot of nights right now and am unable to whiten my teeth every evening before bed. It gives me peace of mind knowing that the product isn't going to dry out or become ineffective quickly. As I decided to take the slow and steady route.

I can save the gel and reapply for a refresh in a few months.

teeth whitening with smile brilliant

^ Before

teeth whitening with smile brilliant

^ After

Smile Brilliant is giving away $139.95 store credit to one of my readers! The prize covers the cost of the tray creation and 6 syringes of whitening gel and/or desensitizing gel (your choice). Giveaway ends December 26th! Enter here!

Or, for 5% off your order, enter promo code ashortblonde at checkout.

Do you whiten your teeth regularly? What is your favorite teeth whitening system?

Smile Brilliant sent me a complementary whitening system, but all opinions are my own.

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