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#Reverb16 | A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life | Our Daily Schedule with a Five Month Old ^ My squirmy sidekick.

I love reading day-in-the-life posts. As a new mom, it's interesting to glimpse into how people spend their days. I mentioned in my last #Reverb16 post I wasn't great at writing down daily intentions. Ironically I almost forgot to chronicle my day! Whoops! Thankfully, I only had to backtrack a few hours.

Phoenix is starting to respond and settle into a daily schedule and routine. Month five has been good for the both of us! Everyday is a little different but this is an accurate representation of a day when I'm home with him full-time.

So, let's dive into how my Monday went.

6:30 -- Phoenix started fussing, but desired wake time is 7 am.

7:00 -- Jordan grabs Phoenix from his crib and brings him into our room. I begin nursing in bed but move downstairs so Jordan can get a little more sleep (he often stays up late working). Phoenix has been taking longer daytime feeds ever since we moved to only two nighttime feeds. Phoenix would nurse all night long if I let him (and has but our pediatrician said he has the ability to go eight hours without eating).

7:30-8:15 -- Phoenix plays on his play piano gym while I shower and get ready for the day. I have to take the after photos for my Smile Brilliant post before Jordan leaves for the day, so I take a little extra time.

8:20-8:30 -- Change Phoenix's clothes and read him a book before laying him down for his morning nap. Naps and sleep in general have been going so much better. It took a lot of trial and error and crying, but the last couple of weeks he's actually been napping versus crying for an hour during nap time. I lay Phoenix on his side and rub his back periodically for a few minutes and he's out.

During his nap Jordan takes my photo, I clean up a little, respond to blog comments and work on my grocery list for the week. I'm also checking on Phoenix as I'm still amazed when he naps longer than 40 minutes.

10:10 -- Phoenix wakes up from his nap!!! He finishes nursing at 10:40. He's been spitting up lately (he never really did as a newborn) so I make sure to burp him really well in-between sides.

11:00 -- Leave to run errands. We first stop to get coffee (a must) before grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. After TJ's it's on to Walgreens to return Ghostbusters at Redbox. The movie was okay, but not as good as I had hoped! Last stop of the morning is Costco.

12:00 -- Phoenix falls asleep in the car just as I am pulling up to Costco. Despite waking up he remains calm in his car seat. It's little moments like this that remind me how far we've come. Phoenix used to wake up screaming and now he can wake up from a short car/stroller nap and (mostly) wait patiently until his next feeding. Despite napping better, Phoenix still eats about every three hours.

1:00 -- Arrive home and unload the car. By this point Phoenix is ready to eat so I wait put the groceries away.

1:45 -- Put Phoenix down for his afternoon nap. I periodically rub his back to soothe him. He's out by 1:55.

2:00 -- I begin a load of laundry before heading back downstairs to put away the groceries and begin dinner. I make sausage, peppers and onions. It was so good! Thankfully, I bought a huge pack of chicken sausages at Costco because I want to make more.

2:50 -- I finally sit down to eat lunch while watching a few YouTube videos.

3:30 -- Phoenix wakes up from his nap and I bring him downstairs to eat.

4:00 -- Unload laundry

4:30 -- I made the mistake of not purchasing eggs at Trader Joe's and Costco's bulk options were too bulk for me. I knew I would need to help pass the time until bedtime so we leave to go to Publix to buy eggs. I also need a caffeine fix so we go through the Chick-Fil-A drive through.

5:30 -- Bathtime! We listen to Barbra Streisand's, The Classic Christmas Album from 1967. I listened to this album a lot as a kid.

6:00 -- Nurse.

6:30 -- Bedtime! Phoenix is pretty good about going to sleep on his own but since he is such a wiggle worm sometimes we have to help him out of positions. I rub his back for a few minutes to calm his squirmy legs.

A Day in the Life | Our Daily Schedule with a Five Month Old

6:45 -- Jordan arrives home! I publish my Smile Brilliant post before we go outside to grab our Christmas decorations from our crawl space.

7:30 -- I heat up the dinner I made earlier while I prepare a batch of sugared pecans. My sister-in-law brought some to Thanksgiving weekend and Jordan and I became obsessed. My plan is to take some to Wine Club this week.

8:15-10:30 -- Finish the nuts, work on blog posts and decorate our tree. Jordan surprised me with tickets to The Nutcracker for this coming weekend!! For years I've mentioned how much I want to go to the ballet though I never actually looked into buying tickets for us. Around 10 pm Phoenix started crying. He had lodged himself perpendicular inside the crib and just wasn't comfortable. Silly boy!

10:45 -- Bedtime for mama! Phoenix woke up around 12:30 am & 5 am to eat. I need to set alarms for myself because ideally he'd eat closer to 3:30 but we both fell asleep!

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