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#reverb16 Intentions I've never participated in a writing challenge before such as the ever popular NaNoWriMo. I have no desire to write a novel but some people choose to write blogs instead. After following Sarah's blog for a while, I became intrigued by the writing challenge she organized with her blog/writer friends, Reverb.

"Do you like to write? Or do you want to get back into the writing habit? Or do you want to start a writing habit? Do you like to reflect? And also think forward?

Then come join in #reverb16!

A project where you write on one prompt everyday for the entire month of December."

I thought I'd jump in for the 2016 version and write on some of the daily prompts. Let me know if you are participating!

Prompt for Day 1:


Motherhood is full of clichés. Clichés that happen to be true.

Such as, "my time isn't my own anymore."

Now, more than ever, intentionality is the name of the game. I no longer have the luxury to push aside moments to work on personal projects or catch up with a friend over coffee. The learning curve of motherhood is challenging for my non-daily task oriented brain. I am not a consistent goal setter. Well, that's not true. I set big picture goals, but I am terrible at breaking down those goals into manageable steps.

Jordan has gently suggested I use a daily checklist numerous times. I know a checklist would be helpful but I still haven't developed the habit. I will admit something really dumb. One of the main reasons I never stick with paper calendar/checklists is because I hate my handwriting. This is a terrible excuse considering the note section on my phone is available.

I am learning to rethink what free time means as a mom. Prior to having Phoenix, I didn't look at my free time intentionally. Working and caring for a newborn offers challenges, but I can still keep my house clean, write blog posts and maybe even read a book with the pockets of time I am given each day. There will be days where I won't get it all done, but that is okay. I might also never become someone who writes all of their daily intentions down, but I recognize the importance of being intentional.

Do you thrive on writing goals down?

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