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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

top 10 blog posts 2016 Blogging in 2016 feels a little like a blur. The first half of the year I was very pregnant and I spent the remainder of the year balancing newborn life and buying a house with trying to create quality content. Despite not always feeling like I was at the top of my creative game, I enjoyed collaborating with companies such as Warby Parker, PinkBlush Maternity and Smile Brilliant.

I have many exciting ideas for 2017 but before the year ends, here are the top 10 blog posts of 2016!

  1. Work Time Jams


I love listening and discovering new music, but I was still surprised when this post became so popular!

2. 2016 Reading Challenge | Book One


The internet loves reading challenges. I wasn't able to keep up with mine throughout the entire year but Their Eyes Were Watching God was a book I'm glad I discovered.

3. New Frames with Warby Parker


^ Pregnancy hair!

I love my Warby Parker glasses. I still need a new pair but I was hesitant to get a prescription filled while pregnant incase my eyes changed. I'm still leaning towards these clear frames.

4. When People of the Internet Go Away

Hey Natalie Jean

My favorite blogger, Natalie, ended her blogging career earlier this year (I'm still hopeful for another book!). I saw it coming but I was still really sad reading her last post. It's quite amazing how blogs and books can comfort us during difficult seasons. Hey Natalie Jean was that for me.

5. First Trimester Musings


I had a healthy and normal pregnancy, but not without some discomfort! This post circulated quite a bit on Pinterest. I'm not surprised since I spent time searching how to survive the first trimester too!

6. Quinoa Black Bean Burgers


I recreated my favorite quinoa burger from a local restaurant for Holl & Lane magazine. My morning sickness was going strong so I didn't get to even enjoy the leftovers!

7. Preparing for a Baby in a Small Space

Another surprise hit! When Phoenix was three months old we bought a house, but all throughout my pregnancy we were planning on staying in our one bedroom apartment for another year.

8. For When You Get Pregnant


Pregnancy after infertility and loss is different. I love having Phoenix with us but I honestly do miss being pregnant.

9. The Hills from Up High


Jordan and I spent 2.5 weeks exploring Southern and Northern California. It was the perfect last baby-free vacation! I'm ready to go back!

10. Currently / / November

In November, I co-hosted my favorite link-up with Anne. Every month I look forward to sharing how our month is going. It's a great way to reflect.

Thank you all so much for continuing to read and interact through comments and shares. Blogging wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable without a community!

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