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Phoenix's First Visit to Chicago

Michigan Avenue Since moving to Nashville, when visiting our families, Jordan and I attempt to fit in a day to explore Chicago. It doesn't always happen, but my parents live too close to not try!

We lucked out with amazing weather (for Chicago in November). Chilly, but sunny! You can't ask for anything better. Chicago had their first snowfall the following week. While I actually enjoy snow at this time of the year, I didn't really want to have to navigate it with Phoenix. The snowsuit I thought Phoenix could fit in this winter is too big on him right now. He's such a little peanut!


Most of Jordan's family was able to join us. We hit up our usual spots while keeping close to Michigan Avenue. The Magnificent Mile is so festive during this time of the year. Phoenix enjoyed people watching, when he wasn't napping in his stroller. Bless those stroller naps.

I get asked often for suggestions on things to do and places to eat while in Chicago. I have several answers, all depending, on the season and how far you want to stray from where you are staying. Chicago is a large city! We have favorite spots that aren't downtown, but usually (when we only have a few hours and want to meander) we stick along Michigan Avenue.

I bought a dress at Zara for our holiday cards. I'm so excited to share those with you. For lunch, we ate pizza at Lou Malnati's. Seriously, do yourself a favor, next time you visit Chicago eat deep dish pizza somewhere besides Giordanos. There are far better options! We grabbed shakes to go at Shake Shack. I LOVE that Chicago has two locations now!



^ Phoenix has been Mr. Drool Monster as of late. He wants to chew on something constantly, but I'm not sure if he is really teething or if it's just developmentally normal for this age.

Michigan Avenue


^ You know what's pathetic? I've never been to the top of the Sears/Willis Tower. I only lived in Illinois for 20 years!!





If you are ever visiting Chicago and need any suggestions, don't hesitate to reach out!

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