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Christmas Time The holiday season is often bittersweet. My particular work place generally doesn't close on Christmas day (location specific) and because of the give and take nature of time off, I've worked the last five Christmases. It was hard to miss out on family moments, but I told myself early on it wouldn't always be like this. Plus, there was that one year I met Nicole Kidman on Christmas day. I found out, only a few days ago, someone generously took my shift! Yippee!

It's been a tradition now for several years to attend some sort of Christmas concert, but between having a baby and moving I didn't think much about making it happen this year. You can imagine my surprise when Jordan revealed tickets to The Nutcracker Ballet last weekend. I have a slight obsession with the ballet and it was really special to attend an actual professional performance. It was the perfect holiday date night.

We are carrying on the tradition of eating Christmas dinner at our friends house. Last year, I was still experiencing morning/all-day-sickness, so I'm looking forward to really enjoying it this year!

Onto the links!

Here's How You Can Help Aleppo Right Now |  To be quite honest, I've had to distance myself from visually keeping up with the crisis in Aleppo. My new mama emotions can't handle watching the footage. I imagine a lot of you feel the same way. Jordan and I both felt compelled to give, but I didn't have the time to research. Thankfully, Relevant Magazine did all the work for me.

Grapefruit Ginger Spritzer | If I'm not drinking water or coffee, I like spritz in my drinks (i.e. LaCroix/Perrier). I want to try this with ginger beer instead of the ginger ale.

BBQ Chicken or Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes | Don't you love when you save a recipe online and realize you actually already have all of the ingredients in your kitchen?

6 Offices Idea for Small Apartments (or homes!) | Jordan and I live in a three bedroom home. We decided to turn the master bedroom, which is on the main level, into our office/guest bedroom. We're still working on the layout. My favorite is #2!

32 Favorites | Kelsey, the co-host of one of my favorite podcasts, celebrated a birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday, Kelsey! She shared thirty-two favorite things in celebration of turning 33. What I loved most about her list is it included both large and small moments. It's easy to recall a vacation or home renovation, but simple things such as great fitting jeans or a favorite mug sometimes bring just as much joy to a year!

Happy Weekend, all!

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