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Lauren Graham Talking as Fast as I Can ^ I can't wait to begin reading this!

I usually start gathering my weekend links on Tuesday, but Thursday rolled around and I realized the end of the week was nearly here! I'm working a lot right now and it's been challenging to stay on top of everything -- blogging, housework, Phoenix... I mentioned last week I was hoping to begin decorating, but after working all weekend we couldn't quite make it happen. Jordan and I did decide to purchase a real tree, which we'll pick up on Sunday.

Two of Jordan's sisters are flying in on Wednesday to stay with us for a week. I'm really excited! And not only for the help with Phoenix, but to cozy up and drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies. I always think those type of holiday traditions are even more enjoyable with family around. When I was in college I would drive the two hours to stay with my brother and sister-in-law during school breaks.

Onto the links!

How to Cook with Dried Beans | I've always been a canned bean girl. On Wednesday I mentioned the chili I made with the dried beans my mother-in-law gave me. This Bon Appétit article has great instructions on how to prepare all sorts of dried beans properly. I want to make this white chicken chili next!

Traveling Europe -- Stranded in Ireland | I love thinking ahead about future travel plans. Jordan and I both have Irish grandparents (I was named after my great-grandmother who was 100% Irish) and I think a road trip through Ireland, visiting our ancestors towns, would be a wonderful trip. Baby included!

Pretty Neat Living | I haven't shared a favorite YouTube Channel in a while. Jennifer has numerous videos on home and travel organization, beauty and lifestyle favorites and tips on holiday preparations. Even more helpful, than what I previously mentioned, are the monthly baby updates. Her daughter is almost one year old and every month she shares anything from clothes to teething toys to tips on homemade baby food.

5 Holiday Hacks for Making Decorating Easier | How much water does a real tree need? How do you remove tree sap from your hands? I certainly have no clue. Megan shares five useful holiday hacks I never thought I needed to know!

Flying International with Southwest | Southwest recently bought Airtran. Which means they now offer flights to Central American and the Caribbean. I'm sure flights to Europe and other places around the world won't be too far behind as they seek other airlines to purchase.

Happy Weekend, all!

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