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2016 | A Year in Review

2016 Year in Review It seems like a lifetime has passed since I rang in 2016. That night might also be the last time I'll voluntarily stay up until 4 am. Haha! On the last day of January 2017 I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the past year. It's almost impossible to put into words the impact 2016, as a year, holds for me.

For many, 2016, held sadness and hate, sorrow and despair but it's also the year I became a mom. A role I desperately wanted to embody, but wasn't sure if/when my desire would be fulfilled. Becoming a mother has simultaneously felt instinctual and foreign. I'm sure most parents feel this at some point.

2016 Year in Review

There is much I didn't accomplish or follow-through on in 2016. My reading challenge fizzled out amongst the many night wakings and days with an irritable newborn. There were intentions to be more organized and planned, but again, all those sleepless nights.

I am proud of Jordan and I for setting and time money aside to take an extended road-trip through California in the spring. Which, actually I'm still sharing posts on! This trip means so much to me, especially now that we don't have as much flexibility.

We're still figuring out how to balance work and family life. Most days we're two plates spinning in the air, just about ready to crash at any moment. And by crash, I mean fall asleep. I've never been more tired. My energy source is prayer and coffee.

2016 Year in Review

^ Phoenix is both serious and goofy. The perfect combination of Jordan and I.

2016 Year in Review

Besides becoming parents in 2016 we also bought a house! Purchasing a house has always been a dream but we weren't sure when it would turn into a reality. Jordan and I knew purchasing a home would take longer when he became self-employed.

Honestly, it happened quicker than imagined! We are slowly settling in to our house and after years of living in small apartments, we are grateful to have space for friends and family to visit.

2016 Year in Review

In 2016 we laughed more than ever, shed many tears and said trite words to one another. It's been my favorite and most challenging year. One I will never forget.

Cheers to 2017. The year I will have a one-year old and hopefully a full nights sleep!

2016 Year in Review

New Years Photos: Austin Lord

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