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San Francisco's North Beach

Jordan and I spent 2.5 weeks in April and May of 2016 driving the coast of California. If you'd like to start at the beginning click here. north beach

Jordan and I ended our bus tour in North Beach, the "Little Italy" of San Francisco. Between recommendations from my sister-in-law, a Lyft driver and tour bus guide we knew this was where we had to eat dinner. Jordan and I ended our bus tour with time to kill so before dinner we perused City Lights Booksellers and a few local shops.

City Lights Booksellers

I couldn't believe how many independent bookstores were throughout San Francisco. Every neighborhood we explored had their own. I wrote down several book titles while browsing City Lights Booksellers, which I still need to order from our library! It's not really practical to purchase books while on vacation, but one of my aunts pointed out bookstores will often ship to you. I never thought about asking, especially for a used book that you might not be able to find nearby.

City Lights Bookstore San Francisco

North Beach San Francisco

North Beach San Francisco

^ North Beach juts up against the financial district and Chinatown.

North Beach Italian Restaurant

North Beach Italian Restaurant

We stayed in San Francisco for three nights, but this was the only dinner we ate out. The other two nights we munched on the food we bought at Birite market. But I knew we couldn't pass up on Italian food.

Jordan and I LOVE Italian food. We had two area restaurant recommendations, but both unfortunately were closed. We walked up and down the main area and basically chose a spot based on aesthetic. Jordan had lasagna and I chose their caprese salad. Oh, and we bought tiramasu to-go!

We ended our night lounging in bed, eating our tiramasu while watching a movie on Netflix which is how all evenings should end on vacation. Especially when you are 3oish weeks pregnant!

North Beach Italian Restaurant

North Beach Italian Restaurant

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