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Nashville experienced its first snow last weekend, obviously, we bundled Phoenix up. Phoenix didn't quite know what to make of the snow when we set him in it.

Jordan got hit with a nasty cold and has spent most of the week out of commission. Phoenix is now full blown teething. A teeny tiny tooth has emerged! I don't think it's related to teething, but he also has his first cold. We told Phoenix it's good to share, except for our germs. ;-) After several very cold days the weather is warming up this weekend. Hopefully, the added moisture will help us all.

Miraculously, I was off work last weekend so we laid extremely low -- lots of cuddling (for the babes), football and Golden Globes on the tv  and plenty of coffee since Phoenix woke up earlier than normal. #teething

The pictures I planned to hang over the weekend are still on the ground But, we finally disassembled the Christmas tree (I miss the twinkle lights) and replaced the greenery with houseplants! Our house lets in a lot of natural light, so hopefully the plants will survive the winter and my black thumb!

Onto the links!

Matt and Dorree's Eggcellent Adventure | Matt Mira (co-host of The Nerdist) and his wife Dorree chronicle their IVF journey in a weekly podcast. It's hilarious and honest. I wish this podcast had been around when Jordan and I started trying to have a baby. Maybe I'm more aware, but honesty, surrounding infertility, has increased exponentially in the last few years.

War & Peace | When Jordan's sisters came to visit in December, they brought along a copy of War & Peace. Emily mentioned the miniseries earlier last year, but I completely forgot all about it. War and Peace is a fascinating tale of love and deception. This particular version is beautiful to watch, especially when snowed in with a sick husband.

Morning Routine | My friend Sammi wrote an inspirational post on creating a morning routine. A routine that leaves you feeling charged with productive energy and not bogged down.

"I’d spend my time and productive morning energy catching up on the tasks the world would throw at me instead of putting my best energy into the projects I wanted to be working on."

How do you start your mornings?

How to Dice an Onion | Each I cut an onion, I think, there must be an easier way. Yes, in fact, there is an easier way. There is a right way!

How a Travel Blogger Packs Toiletries | The morning of a trip, I find myself running around cramming awkward shaped bottles of lotion into my suitcase, scrambling to find toothpaste and debating how many lipsticks is too many. I want to bring my favorites but I'm always using my favorites up until we leave.

Do you have a favorite makeup palette? I want to streamline my makeup and purchase a palette with a couple blushes, bronzer and eyeshadow.

Happy Weekend, all!

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