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Weekend Links | Survive and Thrive Some weeks you thrive, while some you only survive. This week was all about survival. Phoenix is still sick and besides coffee runs, we mostly stayed home. Only time, hydration, and sleep will cure this cold (of course try telling a six month old to sleep longer!). I wanted to allow for as many successful naps as he'd give me since nights are hit or miss.

Prior to getting sick, we had arrived at a relatively reliable place of bedtime around 6-6:30 with two wakings between 12-4 AM to eat. A couple of nights this week Phoenix was up frequently coughing and had a really difficult time settling back down. It felt like newborn days again.

One of those nights, we had friends over for a movie night and it felt like I was upstairs more than I was downstairs watching the movie. Poor buddy. I'm grateful winter in Nashville isn't as long. At least when you have a cold in the summer you can go on walks!

This week is ending on a high note. Last night was January's Wine Club which came at the perfect time. I needed to get away and chat with other women!

Onto the links!

Chipotle Lime Steak Fajita Salad | While Phoenix's been sick I haven't spent the time to grocery shop/meal prep/plan properly. I am craving filling and nutritional meals. This salad would be delicious without the steak too!

100+ Baby Led Weaning and Finger Food Ideas | The thought that caring for your baby is all instinctual is misleading, at least for me! I'm not immersed in books/Google all day long but there are plenty of milestones where I need guidance. As soon as we stepped out of newborn fog, I was hit with the realization we needed to introduce food to Phoenix.

I'm still on the fence with my philosophy. Baby Led Weaning seems like less work, but Phoenix is still not fully sitting up. One day at a time. But thank you to everyone who shared your strategies with me on Instagram!

The Search for Everything - Wave One | John Mayer's long anticipated new album is released! Well, Wave One of it anyway. Mayer is going to release four songs at a time.

Blogging Rules I Broke in 2016 | I loved Katie's humorous take on the blogging rules she broke in 2016. The world of social media and blogging is an ever-changing landscape. It's easy to get caught up in the hoopla and turn inauthentic. I agree with Katie in that we both got behind in commenting -- something we aren't okay with breaking!

Small Space Living: 5 Tips for Your Closet | Naomi, her husband, and their three small children live in a two-bedroom NYC apartment. She might be the Queen of small space living. Jordan and I always viewed our apartments as temporary. Which meant we kept things "just in case". We intend on living in this house for many years so I am all about maximizing our closets!

Happy Weekend, all!

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