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Phoenix at Seven Months

Phoenix at Seven Months Update I really can not believe Phoenix is seven months old. This month Phoenix was very active and slept sporadically, until last week. We introduced solids, though he still prefers nursing. He sits up with ease, pulls himself up in the crib (which we subsequently lowered) and crawls! I believe he'll be walking by nine months.

Sleep and routine hasn't been our strong suit. Phoenix never fell into a natural daily routine, but this last month was particularly challenging. He's always been an early mover -- rolling over at 3.5 months, sitting up at 5.5 months, crawling at 6.5 months and now trying to stand -- which all affects his sleep. We hit the six month regression hard. Phoenix spent nap time sitting up, crying and screaming all month. We moved him into his pack n' play so when he flailed around we knew he wasn't hurting himself.

The lack of sleep and excessive crying was overwhelming. Sitting up isn't quite as novel anymore, so we are back to nap training (Phoenix is a little stubborn like his mama). I started nap training last Monday and it is going better than I anticipated. Sleep training for two naps is so much easier than when I tried while he was still on three. I'm loosely following the Three Day Sleep Solution.

So far, his two naps occur around 9 am and 1 pm give or take 15 minutes and lasting one-two hours! I thought this day would never come. ;-) He still goes to bed early at 6 pm. Nurses twice and is up for the day between 6:30-7am. He started sleeping later when I dropped the third nap.

Despite being 8lbs 2oz at birth, he went from the 50th (at birth) to dropping off the growth chart at his six month well-visit. I had hoped to leave last months appointment cleared for night meanings, but we were not. Phoenix is so active, he's a bottomless pit. In preparation for a weight check I began nursing on demand, supplementing with the occasional bottle and encouraging all the solid he would consume. Most days Phoenix loves pureed food, but other days he's not interested and spits it up.

At his scheduled weight check this morning, he gained over a pound and is now 14 lbs 12.6 oz and in the 2% for weight. We are back on the chart! Phoenix is still such a little baby, even though he is trying to walk.

When did your babies begin walking?  

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