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Weekend Links / / Cuba, Tiramisu and Good Girls

Weekend Links / / Cuba, Tiramisu and Good Girls Revolt Hey Friends!

We're at the point of the year when I begin to dread all the work I have left to do before filing taxes. It always gets done, but I still dislike the minutia. Though, who enjoys tax season? Except for maybe accountants. It's not realistic for me to spend extended periods of time compiling everything, so I'm working in 15 minute increments. This is far less overwhelming.

Jordan had food poisoning over the weekend (the WORST!). At first we were concerned it might be the stomach flu, but, thankfully, it was only food poisoning. By Tuesday night Jordan had an appetite for something other than chicken noodle soup and Gatorade so for Valentine's Day we ordered take-out from Maggiano's and watched a movie. We haven't been on a "date" in months, but this reminded me of the kind of date nights we enjoyed while in college.

Phoenix finally started enjoying food this week. The last few weeks he would cry after a couple of bites but now he squeals and gasps like a little bird until the spoon is in his mouth.

Onto the links!

Dos and Don'ts of Cuba | Taylor recently traveled to Cuba with her husband. This quick list style post is really helpful and informative if you are thinking about traveling to Cuba. Such as which apps to download and bring toilet paper because the airports don't have any.

It was only a few years ago I realized other countries (such as Canada) were welcome and regularly traveled to Cuba. I thought it was closed off to everyone. HAHA.

Small Batch Tiramisu | Jordan and I rarely order dessert when we eat out unless tiramisu is an option. I've never made it myself, but Smitten Kitchen's small bath recipe sounds like the perfect addition to a dinner party.

Amazon Prime | My television consumption vastly decreased over the years as I listened to more and more podcasts. Podcasts are my main source of entertainment, but I still enjoy having a show I keep up with regularly.

I increased our internet package this week to accommodate the large files Jordan downloads and sends for work. One bonus? Our streaming quality significantly increased! I started watching the Amazon Prime original, Good Girls Revolt, but I realized it's been canceled. Ugh. It's based off of the book, The Good Girls Revolt: How the Women of Newsweek Sued their Bosses and Changed the Workplace. What Amazon Prime shows are you watching?

How to Shop for Rugs | Quickly after moving into our house, Jordan and I purchased several rugs. One rug for Phoenix's room, one for the main room and two for our doors. Eventually, I'd like a runner for our kitchen. Selecting rug styles, pattern and size is difficult!

For the love of finishing things | There aren't many things I enjoy more than talking about personality types. I suppose it's my psychology major coming out. I haven't read Gretchen Rubin's book, Better Than Before, but I keep hearing about her four habit tendencies outlined: Upholder, Questioner, Rebel, Obliger. According to Rubin's online quiz I am a Questioner.

"After describing the four tendencies Rubin covers lots of other traits we should consider when trying to make or break a habit. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Are you a moderator (a little at a time) or an abstainer (all or nothing)? Or are you an opener or a finisher?"

Kelsey explains how her tendency towards finishing things (from tasks to lotion bottles) spills over into her everyday life.

Happy Weekend, all!

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