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Phoenix at Eight Months

Phoenix Eight Months Update Month eight has been all about mastering the skills Phoenix learned in month seven. Not only does he crawl and pull himself up on all surfaces, he squats and tries to stand on his own! He is so coordinated! Phoenix learned one new exciting skill this month -- clapping! It is so adorable.

 Phoenix Eight Months Update

It's fun watching Phoenix's personality become more pronounced. I was watching Zabrena's SnapChat where she casually mentioned how her baby is patient. It made me laugh because Phoenix is not patient, just like me. When he is hungry or tired or needs a change of scenery he lets you know. Otherwise, he is joyful, curious and loves to smile at everyone.

Last month (after a sleep regression), I mentioned we were working on nap training again. Besides when Phoenix and I both had a stuffy nose, he continues to take two naps a day. His regular nighttime pattern is to wake up once to eat instead of twice. We didn't do anything differently, but one day I realized he only woke up once and than it kept happening. Phoenix did slept through the night for the first time, but I'm actually fine with him still waking up. It helps with my milk supply.

Phoenix Eight Months Update

^ This is my favorite face. HAHA.

Phoenix Eight Months Update

Phoenix still nurses on demand throughout the day. His new favorite thing to eat is bread. He eats purees in the morning and before bed, but I started to give him bread around lunch time. He'll chow down on it for a good fifteen minutes! It's the perfect distraction when I'm trying to clean the kitchen.

Phoenix and I leave for a road trip this coming weekend. Long car rides are not his favorite, but he'll have a blast once we arrive at our destination.

Phoenix Eight Months Update

Did your babies like the car?

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