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Weekend Links / / Comedy Legends This was a busy week for the Shorts! Between date night, work, dinner dates with friends and Wine Club I was gone every night this week (Sunday-Friday). This week was baby-sitter heavy, but Phoenix has been a trooper despite us both having a little cold. I am looking forward to Saturday night at 6 pm when I'm home from work and Phoenix is asleep! Ideally, I prefer to be home at least two-three nights a week but sometimes fun events pile on top of each other and I ride with it.

Speaking of date nights, Sunday night, Jordan and I went to see Steve Martin and Martin Short at the Grand Ole Opry. After, of course, eating dinner at one of our favorite Nashville restaurants, Burger Up. Martin and Short's current comedy isn't groundbreaking, but it doesn't need to be anymore (they've already done that). Their timing is still impeccable. We laughed so hard our cheeks hurt by the end of the night.

Onto the links!

50 Easter Basket Ideas | Parents, do you give your children Easter baskets? My parents didn't go all out, but we always received a little trinket and candy. As we got older it was more common for my mom to hit up the after Easter candy sale for our favorites. Gotta love a deal!

The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies | I know I've mentioned these before, but they are worth mentioning again. Monday night we brought Phoenix with to our friend's house for dinner where I brought these cookies for dessert. We're still able to put Phoenix to bed at other people's houses and transport him without too much trouble.

It's so cute. He goes to bed in their daughter's room and enjoys a little sleepover while we have friend time.

One Piece Swimsuits on Amazon | I'm really intrigued with the quality and fit of the swimsuits Maegan found on Amazon. Besides the Speedos from my swim team days, I haven't found a good fitting one-piece for a reasonable price.

Five Tips for Your Magnolia Market Visit | Do you love Fixer Upper? Did you know they have a family friendly market in Waco, Texas? I knew they had a store but I didn't realize how much else they offered. The bakery, food trucks and lawn experience remind me of visiting a good apple orchard.

Before & After: Ikea BEKVAM Cart | I used to spend a lot of time browsing Apartment Therapy's website. It's inspiring to see how people decorate, mostly, rented spaces. Our Ikea Bekvam cart is one of the few Ikea pieces, from our first apartment, that has stayed with us (now painted white). I like how expensive it looks with a change of hardware!

Happy Weekend, all!

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