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Weekend Links / / Snowed In with Grandma

Weekend Links / / Snowed-in at Grandmas I wasn't able to share this last Friday, but we drove to Chicago to surprise my father-in-law for his birthday. We left early on Friday morning and arrived to their house around 2:30 pm. Jordan, with Phoenix in his arms, walks into their house with zero fanfare and says, "hello". Jordan's dad was completely surprised! I'm so impressed our trip remained a secret.

On top of us coming, there was also a surprise party the following day.

Weekend Links / / Snowed-in at Grandmas

Most of the weekend (outside of the party) was pretty relaxing. Phoenix did really well napping and sleeping in the different houses. Not so much on the drive. He screamed for a good portion of the eight hour trip. Phoenix does fine driving around town but so far he is not a fan of road trips. I hope this is a phase.

I was able to sit back and watch a couple episodes of Fixer Upper and Planet Earth while drinking hot coffee. Bless the hands of grandmas. We had to stay an extra day due to a lake-effect snowstorm.

Thank you to everyone who filled out my reader survey! I appreciate your thoughtful feedback! It'll be kept live for a few more days.

Onto the links!

Three Lessons I Learned From My Website Hack | Teresa's blog was recently hacked. One lesson she learned is updating her plugins regularly keeps her blog more secure. I had just updated mine when I read this post but it had been far too long since my last update!

School Segregation: The Problem We Still All Live With | One way I seek to educate myself on topics I'm not well versed-in, is listening to podcasts (I'm working on an updated podcast list). Another is reading articles and blog posts. Francis Crusoe shared an essay about her experience with school segregation on Cassie's blog this week.

I grew up in a diverse part of the country, but I was homeschooled, so I have little first hand experience with school systems at large. Let alone segregation! How do you seek to broaden your worldview?

Goodnewspaper - A printed newspaper full of good news | Friends of ours (Branden and Sammi Harvey) are publishing a quarterly, printed, newspaper full of GOOD news.

"The Goodnewspaper is a reminder that there’s good news in the world to be hopeful about, a map for how to move from feeling helpless to taking action, and a tool for those confused on how to get involved in the march against division, terrorism, fear and injustice."

"Fighting against a world full of hate by celebrating the people, ideas and movements that are changing the world."

Above is the link to their Kickstarter campaign, which goes more in-depth into their hope and vision. There initial campaign is already fully funded but you can still join as a backer! Even if you aren't able to contribute to their Kickstarter consider, sharing the link or following their journey by signing up for Branden's newsletter.

Put An Egg On It | Do you follow Tracy's food blog, Shutterbean? Her food photography is one of my favorites. The lighting she uses is beautiful. I also find her recipes to be real life and simple. On Instagram she regularly shares how she customizes dinner for her family.

Feist Returns with New Album | I am SO excited that Feist is releasing a new album this year. Pleasure is the follow up to 2011's Metals. You can listen to the first single, Pleasure, here. Reminder, from 2007, is still one of my favorite albums.

Happy Weekend, all!

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