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The Best Parenting Podcasts

Best Parenting Podcasts Do you listen to podcasts? Podcasts are treats to me while cleaning or cooking. It seems every week I find a new podcast to subscribe too. It's hard for me to keep up!

Listening to podcasts used to be an arduous task. Each episode had to either be played on your computer or downloaded onto an iPod. The process is much simpler now! The free podcast app on your phone allows you to search and download episodes to your favorite shows. The episodes than live directly inside the app.

I listen to podcasts not only for entertainment, but also education and encouragement.

Today, I'm sharing my favorite parenting podcasts.

The Mom Hour | Most hosts of parenting podcast have young children. This is great for me, but hindsight is 20/20, right? Sarah Powers and Meagan Francis have eight kids between them ranging from four to nineteen. You can imagine the knowledge they bring forth. Compared to some of the podcasts mentioned, The Mom Hour is a little less structured and produced but their advice is still sound.

Totally Mommy | Sadly, many podcasts eventually end. Totally Mommy no longer airs new episodes, but the archives will keep you busy for a while.

Elizabeth Laime and Vanessa Ragland share their parenting good-bad-funnies of the week and give unqualified advice to listener questions. I learn so much from hearing real-life parenting questions. Sometimes I don't even know to ask something until I hear it from someone else. Their parenting philosophy is very intuitive and they answer each question respectfully.

One Bad Mother | One Bad Mother has a similar structure to Totally Mommy (two moms chatting about their parenting wins/fails + answering questions) but, additionally, Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn interview a guest each week about their general weekly theme.

Don't listen in front of your children (as there are swears) but you'll finish each episode feeling like you are doing a great job at parenting!

Precious Little Sleep | When we were really struggling with Phoenix's sleep as a newborn, I stumbled upon the Precious Little Sleep website. Alexis Dubief's philosophy and tips are helpful and informative. If you are curious about sleep training or have questions surrounding newborn sleep habits in general, I highly suggest listening. Listening to moms talk about sleep training is less intimidating than reading about it in book.

They also dedicated episodes to daycare sleep and eating needs. As involving childcare adds a level of complication.

Slate's Mom and Dad are Fighting | What I love most about Mom and Dad are Fighting is it is hosted by a working mom and a dad (editors at Slate -- though they are currently in a host swap). You don't hear dads talking about parenting very much. Dads need their voices to be heard too!

Each week they discuss topics such as childcare, when to email your child's teacher and parenting through a kids' sports heartbreak.

The Longest Shortest Time | What a genius title, right? The Longest Shortest Time is hosted by This American Life contributor and author Hillary Frank. The show has a This American Life feel and the topics discussed go a bit beyond potting training and tantrums.

Do you listen to parenting podcasts? Have I missed any of your favorites? 

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