Welcome! I’m Catherine. For me, it's important to stretch my mind, travel far, and always have a stash of dark chocolate.

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Currently / / April Accomplishing | As you are reading this Phoenix and I are on our way back from an extended weekend in St. Louis. We visited my brother and his family and my friend, who recently had her second baby.

This was the first time Phoenix and I went on a trip together and the first time I was alone with Phoenix away from our house. Jordan has left Phoenix and I before for a work trip, but it's different when you leave your surroundings. I had this weekend planned for weeks and I feel really accomplished it all worked out! With Five kids between three families, I kept thinking someone would get sick!

Feeling | Motivated to organize and purge! I tend to have a desire to spring clean right when I actually need to focus on taxes. We finished filing our taxes right before I left for St. Louis, so now I can focus on organizing.

Thank you for the suggestions on Instagram. I purchased a daily to-do notepad from Target for testing purposes. I'm not sure what I bought is actually what I need, but that's why I purchased it from their Dollar Spot.

Needing | My haircut and colored! Thankfully, I am going tomorrow to have it all freshened up. I purposely planned this since I knew I'd want a little break after being away with Phoenix. ;-)

Practicing | This is a tough prompt. I'm not sure I am practicing anything?

Pinning | I have a Pinterest board called Arrange. It's basically pretty photos of home organization which I love glancing at, but I'm terrible at implementing. I mostly pin baskets full of blankets and jewelry displayed on dressers.

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