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Weekend Links / / Pink Sunday

Weekend Links / / Pink Sunday In honor of Easter, I chopped my hair off and dyed it pink! My stylist and best friend actually put in a little violet/pink a few months ago, but it didn't adhere as vibrant. I love the color though the pink is already fading quickly. This isn't the first time I've had my hair this short but it's been a number of years.

Teething ran our house this week. I mentioned on Wednesday that Jordan and I were supposed to have a date night last Saturday, but Phoenix was acting really strange so we canceled. He has a blood blister on his upper lip and a constant runny nose, which of course makes for a sad and crabby baby. I ordered an amber teething necklace and will report back if I notice a difference.

I work on Saturday but on Easter we are having brunch with friends and hopefully, weather permitting, we can go on a family walk. What are your weekend plans?

Onto the links!


Simple Hawaiian Chicken Sandwiches | I am so over everything I currently cook on rotation, but thankfully the seasons are changing and it's now grill weather!! Also, pineapple season!

The Magic of Stripes | This tunic checks all the boxes for the perfect top: stripped, lightweight and flowy. I'm realizing while I have clothes in my closet most of it is piecemeal. This is evidence of limiting my purchases in anticipation of getting pregnant and then being pregnant and now nursing.

I Thought I Texted You Back, But Here Is What Actually Happened | Everyone (not just moms) are guilty of thinking they texted someone back! I get myself into a bad habit of glancing at my phone while at work even when I know I won't be able to respond in a timely manner.

Future Islands -- The Far Field | Future Islands, one of my favorite bands, has a new album! They have made several appearances on this blog. Once when we saw them in Milwaukee (<-- this also includes some early moments of Jordan and I's relationship) and another time at Pitchfork Music Festival.

Coffee Chocolate Chip Blondies | Baked goods are my weakness. I know sugar is evil, but I also believe most things are okay in moderation. Plus, I attribute my milk supply to not limiting my carb intake. I don't make blondies often, but they are an easier alternative to cookies because you don't have to scoop and bake individually.

Marla shared this article on why we love to bake for others and I completely agree. “There is also a symbolic value in baking for others because food has both physical and emotional significance.”

Happy Weekend, all!

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