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Weekend Links / / Away in St. Louis

Weekend Links / / Away in St. Louis Like I mentioned on Wednesday, Phoenix and I spent a long weekend in St. Louis. We visited my brother and his family and my dear friend, who recently had her second baby. St. Louis is about 4.5 hours from Nashville. Phoenix spends a lot of our long car rides crying but I knew I could manage this length of a drive myself.

Phoenix is teething and having a rough time with it, so sleeping well was a novelty, but all in all our weekend was a success! Before Phoenix, I never had to think a trip away could potentially be canceled, outside of maybe in climate weather. Kids get sick at the drop of the hat, so anything could have happened!

Weekend Links / / Away in St. Louis

The weekend mostly consisted of playing indoors and outside, including Phoenix's fist time on a swing! He loved it by the way. On Tuesday, Sally and I took the babies to the St. Louis Zoo. The zoo is FREE and a really nice size. Chicago also has a free zoo but it's pretty small in comparison. If you are okay with walking, you can find free parking nearby too.

Onto the links!

Overnight Cinnamon Roll Casserole | The last few times I attempted to make cinnamon rolls they never rose properly. I think my yeast has gone bad. This fake-out recipe uses a good challah bread which makes it perfect for holidays (Christmas, Easter etc) where it's not practical to make everything from scratch.

Grapefruit Citrus Sparkling Mocktail | Speaking of brunch, this mocktail would be the perfect addition to the table. And with a few small tweaks (gin perhaps?) it could easily turn into a cocktail.

72 Hours in St. Louis | Most of my trips to St. Louis are to visit my brother, but it's an assuming place for a weekend away. In the summer there are a ton of free events (especially in Forest Park) and parking is easy to come by. As someone who is from Chicago, free parking is a major bonus! Helene mentions they tried to eat BBQ at Pappy’s which I have been too and it's delicious!

Styling Mom Jeans | Personally, I never was a fan of low-rise jeans. Which, until recently, was basically everyone's only option for the past 15 years. I always felt uncomfortable, so I am all about the "mom jean" trend! Mom jeans, to me, are just high-rise boyfriend jeans.

Five Steps to Recapture Your Motivation | Life feels very chaotic right now and for someone who isn't naturally organized, I am often left feeling not overwhelmed but scattered.

I haven't successfully used a paper planner since college. Jordan and I share a Google calendar, which up until Phoenix came actually worked really well. I am not someone who forgets my work schedule (which fluctuates) or doctors appointments. There wasn't a reason to also put those on paper. BUT, now that my days aren't my own and we have more childcare for Phoenix I need an easier week-at-a-glance method. I first saw the Purposeful Planner on Maegen's blog and since it's April all of the planners are 50% off!

Happy Weekend, all!

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