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Splish Splash! Phoenix at the Pool!

Splish Splash! Pool Days! We're in that phase of parenting where everyday Phoenix discovers something for the first time. His first time seeing a flamingo at the zoo, his first bite of bacon, his first experience driving through a car wash and his first pool party!

Our apartment in Nashville had a pool (like most here do), but Phoenix never got to experience it. By the time I was cleared for swimming, we bought our house. I wasn't sad to move out of our apartment, except for our easy pool access.

Splish Splash! Pool Days!

Over the weekend, the three of us went to a casual pool party. Of course I, as the mama, immediately got hyped up for Phoenix's first pool visit. Phoenix loves bath time, so I assumed he'd love swimming or at least I hoped he would like the pool! I was very much a water baby. My mom had my brother's and I in swim lessons at a very young age and then I swam competitively through high school.

Once the initial shock of water temperature wore off Phoenix had a blast! We skipped his afternoon nap and you'd never know it. He was so chill. Which (if you know Phoenix in person) is not the first adjective I use to describe him. HA.

Phoenix spent most of the time in a floaty device that has a sun cover. The swim diaper and rash guard I ordered on Amazon didn't arrive in time. Rarely does an item arrive late, but it happens!

Splish Splash! Pool Days!

Splish Splash! Pool Days!


Splish Splash! Pool Days!

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My swimsuit | Gigipip Seagrass Sun HatPhoenix's Sun Protection Swim Hat | Phoenix's Float Activity Center

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