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Weekend Links / / Cincinnati Here We Come!

Weekend Links / / Cincinnati Here We Come Hello from the road to Cincinnati! Don't be fooled by Phoenix's face, he's excited he just has a complicated relationship with his car seat. Ha! Jordan and I have wanted (and needed) to get away for months, but there hasn't been an opportunity. In a random sequence of events someone switched shifts and I ended up with the whole weekend off (I usually work Saturdays).

We're staying with friends and also visiting friends who recently had a baby. It's a quick trip, but we're excited none-the-less. If you are visiting Cincinnati I have several posts highlighting my favorite spots herehere (still love these photos) and here.

What are your 4th of July plans?

Onto the links!

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Gia & The Blooms | Speaking of Cincinnati, Nelle shared details about the most darling floral shop in Cincinnati. They offer free shipping if you are local, which is an awesome feature!

Best Places to Stay in Asheville, NC | Asheville is about 4.5 hours from Nashville. We haven't gone yet, but next year (when Phoenix can stay more occupied in the car -- he doesn't sleep in the car anymore) I'd like to go on a few more semi-local road trips.

11 Must Have Outfits when Traveling to Tuscany | If Tuscany isn't in your future (i.e. most of us) these outfits are great for summer. I'm having a lot of fun slowly curating my closet. My body feels like it's where it'll be for a while and since another baby isn't in our near future I know the purchases I make can be investment pieces.

I'm obsessed with how Anna styled this Madewell top. I don't remember seeing it in our local store.

DIY Tassel Earrings | I'm sure you are familiar with the tassel earring trend. Jordan and I don't DIY many things in our life mainly because we have chosen not to invest in the tools. The supplies Becca includes can all be found on online. I wouldn't go about doing this tutorial for one pair of earrings, but stashing some would make great gifts!

A Round-Up of House Plants | Houseplants are all the rage. My parent's have always had plants, but in the last year houseplants have become the hottest accessory. Per her followers request, Bev finally wrote a post all about her houseplants (and she has a lot of them!).

Happy Weekend, all!

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