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Weekend Links / / Hooray for the Dads!

Weekend Links | Hooray for the Dads My parent's came for a visit this week. Jordan and I were both saying how much we miss our families, so it was a nice treat to have my parents in town. Phoenix had a blast with them. He's still such a baby, but glimpses of his silly and playful personality peek through especially around other people.

Besides cooking for us and baking banana bread my parent's also helped clean, baby-sit Phoenix, and hang a few things around the house. Speaking of my dad, Harry's sent me their Father's Day shave kit for Jordan and it reminded me of a memory. My mom is not a morning person. She gets a second wind at 10pm at night. This isn't ideal when you have three kids! My dad on the other hand has always been a morning person.

I vividly remember sitting on my parent's bathroom vanity watching my dad shave...squirting a rich layer of barbital shaving cream and giving me some too. And don't forget the aftershave! I don't recall if this ritual occurred everyday or just on the weekends, but I know it was early early in the morning! I wonder what Phoenix will remember of us when he gets older.

Onto the links!

Harry's Father's Day Shave Kit

^ Harry's sent me a shave kit to review and gift.

Harry's Shave Kit -- A Last Minute Father's Day Gift | I am terrible at sending cards and gifts on time. I always know the dates, but I never allow enough time for shipping. It's seriously a mystery to me why I struggle so much! If you are looking for a last-minute gift I can't suggest Harry's Shave kit enough! They curated a special Father’s Day set, which includes the limited edition charcoal Truman razor and razor stand.

I find that grandparents don't really need a whole lot of extra stuff, so I like to include a useful item too.

Let's Be Honest Mamas -- Technology with Kids | What are your thoughts on technology? Personally, I don't have a problem with Phoenix being around technology. There isn't a way to avoid it as both Jordan and I work on our computers. Jordan's entire business is based on of using his computer. I believe it's more important to teach Phoenix technology is a tool and we need to be careful with our devices.

Slow Mornings | How do you start your mornings? Until recently, I started worked between 4-6:30 am. My mornings were all utility. I work part-time now but instead of all mornings I work one morning and two evenings. It's such a change!

Phoenix and I begin our mornings slow. He wakes up between 6:30-7. I bring him into bed with me to nurse and then eat breakfast and play until his morning nap at 9. I use his nap time to shower and work before we run errands. It's not exactly "relaxing" but especially when Phoenix woke up 3-4 + times a night, I needed to enter the day slowly.

Vegetarian Grill Plate | My beautiful friend Chelsie (and her friend Sarah) launched their wellness lifestyle blog this week! I've been eating vegetarian for the past month and am really curious about Chelsie's recipe for coconut bacon. Does it really taste like bacon? Because of any meat I actually really like the taste of pork.

Summer Entertainment | Phoenix and SZA's new albums are excellent additions to your summer music rotation. Jordan and I were recent guests on our friend's podcast. We discussed all things personality types! What is your Meyer's Briggs? I am an ESTJ!

Happy Weekend, all!

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