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Weekend Links / / The Start of Summer How was your week? On Wednesday I scheduled a baby-sitter for four hours. I ran a couple of errands and knocked out a bunch of work for the week. I'd much rather pay to expedite my weekly work-flow. Even though Phoenix goes to bed early, I rarely have enough energy to get as much work as I actually need done. I am not a night person!

Phoenix and I are spending this morning at the zoo and on Sunday my parents arrive for a few days. I'm so excited to see them, especially because Phoenix is at such a fun age right now. We will visit our favorite burger place and check-off a few house projects. Jordan and I plan to sneak away for another day date.

Onto the links!

The $2 Meal That Changed My Budget | I purchase Trader Joe's salads often, but I never thought to purchase them for lunches. Specifically, Jordan's lunches. We keep Trader Joe's burritos in the freezer, but I am going to start picking up an extra bag. Joanna suggests adding a scoop of black beans and avocado.

Paleo No Bake Cookie Dough Truffles | Maybe I can convince my mom to make these for me this weekend during their visit!

The Truth About Living in a Small(ish) Family Home | Kelsey is participating in a new blogger collective focused on small family living. Each month the group will publish a post discussing what living small means to them. Our current house is about 1400 sq ft and is perfect for right now, but to save on space there is no place for a table. What size is your current home or apartment?

Should I Cancel My Trip Due to the Recent Acts of Terrorism? | When I have a travel question I go to Renée. I appreciated her perspective as we can't guarantee safety even when we choose to stay home. Have your thoughts about travel changed?

If I Had a Week in California | A few months ago Emily shared a similar post about New York City. Reading travel suggestions from someone who lived in a city offers a slightly different perspective. Should I share something like this for Chicago?

Happy Weekend, all!

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