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Phoenix at Twelve Months

Phoenix at Twelve Months And just like that, Phoenix is one! Phoenix started walking the day after he turned eleven months. For the first week or two he took one-to-three steps at a time before deciding he'd rather crawl, but everyday he gains more balance and control.

His crawl is hilarious. He crawls on his feet, so I'm actually sad to see him crawl less. If you watch my Instastories you've most likely seen it in action. Around the time he started walking, he walked into a new leap according to the Wonder Weeks app. That app has been a saving grace over this past year. The change in this current leap has been particularly noticeable. He flipped the separation anxiety switch overnight and has been extra fussy!

Handoffs with baby-sitters are sad, but thankfully when Jordan and I aren't around he finds someone else to cling too. Out of sight, out of mind.

Phoenix at Twelve Months

Phoenix takes two naps a day (usually three hours total). He was beginning to sleep through the night (12-13 hrs), but last week he started waking up once again. I hope he goes back to sleeping through the night because it was such a game changer. Two-three nights a week I get home from work at 10:45/11, so the nights he doesn't get up I actually feel rested.

Phoenix is still breastfeeding. My desire is to continue breastfeeding Phoenix throughout the next year. I'm not ready to end the relationship and I don't believe Phoenix is either. We did have a couple rough days earlier this month. I thought maybe Phoenix was weaning. He started biting again, but I think it was related to this developmental leap or possibly teething. For reference he nurses five-seven times a day and when I am at work, he doesn't drink much from his bottles.

Phoenix is constantly babbling. We now know when he says "nananana" he's referring to bananas, but also food in general. This boy loves his bananas! Fits and tantrums are also beginning. For now I find it funny, but I know that'll change. ;-)

And now for a few more cute photos of my kid!

Phoenix at Twelve Months

Phoenix at Twelve Months

^ the tipsy baby walk is my favorite.

Phoenix at Twelve Months

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