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Weekend Links / / Chicago Nights Away and Almost One

Weekend Links / / Chicago Nights Away We're back from Chicago in one piece! Jordan and I walked into our house Wednesday afternoon and declared, "Maybe we should fly home for Thanksgiving." HAHA. All in all (minus the relentless crying in the car) Phoenix did great. We were all over the place and while we did our best to keep some semblance of his usual schedule, it wasn't a normal week.

Phoenix bonded with family and Jordan and I stole away for a night. Our night deserves its own separate post, but if you have the chance (whether that's utilizing family or soliciting a friend to spend the night at your house) go away for a night. Phoenix didn't sleep well the night before we left, but he slept through the night like a champ.

My mother-in-law hosted a small birthday lunch for Phoenix. Phoenix's favorite food is bananas, so my mom made her banana cake and he loved it.

Weekend Links / / Chicago Nights Away

Onto the links!

Tips on Traveling with a Baby Under Six Months | We've been on five different road trips since Phoenix was four months old. Phoenix screams the majority of the time, but what are you going to do? Pack headphones that's what! :-) We're traveling to NYC in the fall and I'm hopeful Phoenix will cry less on a plane.

My tip is unless you know your kids will for-sure sleep at a specific time leave when you feel the safest. The first time we went to Chicago we left in the late afternoon thinking we'd drive into the night. Well, around 10 we checked into a hotel because Phoenix was fussing (re: he finds ways to stay up) and we didn't feel safe driving later anymore.

How to Make an Epic Cheeseboard | While cheeseboards are traditionally appetizers, how good would this be for a simple game night with friends?

Hummus Heaped with Tomatoes and Cucumbers | I'm incorporating hummus more regularly into my lunch rotation. It's so satisfying! This could be an easy way to punch up a tub of hummus for an appetizer, but if for lunch add pita bread and sliced vegetables.

Veronica Mars -- A Possible Remake? | Kristin Bell teased her desire to reboot Veronica Mars! I stand to say season one of Veronica Mars is one of the best first seasons of any television show. If you haven't watched the three seasons seek them out at your library.

Happy Weekend, all!

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