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Weekend Links / / No Gelato, Birthday Baby

Weekend Links / / No Gelato, Baby Hey, friends. How was your week? Sunday night my best friend, Lauren, and I saw Tig Notaro live. Tig is one of my favorite comedians (maybe my favorite?). If you are unfamiliar with Tig's varies comedy specials begin with this clip on Conan. It's the reason Jordan and I are fans. One note on comedy shows, it's weird how early they get out! Her set was done in an hour. I kept thinking, wait, no encore?

Phoenix turned one yesterday! I'm having a hard time putting my thoughts into cohesive words except that he's the best (and most exhausting) part of my life. His birthday was quite relaxing. Phoenix and I met up with Jordan at Wilder Études. We wanted to take Phoenix to the nearby Legato Gelato once Jordan's meetings were over. Phoenix didn't quite know what to think of the gelato, but that simply means more for me! P.S. their vegan chocolate gelato is decadent and creamy.

It's so hot in Nashville right now. It's the kind of oppressive heat where even if you have access to a pool you don't want to be outside in it. I suppose every summer (around Phoenix's birthday) I'll be reminded of how swollen my feet were while pregnant! ;-)

Onto the links!

DIY Homemade Cleaners | In an effort to limit the amount of toxins in our home and simplify the supplies I keep on hand, I made two homemade cleaners this week. A disinfect spray and a granite/marble cleaner. I ordered glass spray bottles from Amazon to keep them in.

A City Guide, Charlotte NC | I love bookmarking city guides. You never know when you might travel to a new city and need suggestions!

Sunday Meal Prep - Hummus and Falafel | Occasionally, I buy frozen falafel from Trader Joe's. As I was eating lunch the other day, Phoenix longingly looked at my plate. I set a few pieces next to him and he gobbled the falafel right up! He doesn't like chickpeas on their own so I was a little surprised, but I'm also glad because falafel is an easy and nutritious meal.

Travel Hair Hacks | My friend (and stylist), Lauren, shared two awesome travel hair hacks. Reading posts like these make me wish my hair was just a tad bit longer. Pregnancy did a number on my hair, so this length is perfect for me right now but aren't we always wanting to change our hair?

Insecure | I used to watch so much television, but sometimes I go days without turning the TV on. Jordan was gone Tuesday night, so I put on HBO's Insecure. I'm glad I'm a season behind because I see myself going through this show quickly! I enjoyed Issa Rae's (the star and co-creator) Fresh Air interview.

Happy Weekend, all!

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