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Weekend Links / / August Beginnings Phoenix was in rare form this week -- equal parts cuddly, sweet and crabby. His top molars are cutting through and he was very uncomfortable on Monday and Tuesday. Despite the hard days we enjoyed a few last minute playdates this week. One of which was to a new restaurant in town -- Caviar + Bananas. It reminds me of Dean & Deluca.

I officially know I'm the parent of a small child because I missed the openings of an entire slew of new restaurants.

Before Phoenix was born I envisioned myself to be the kind of mom who went to Le Leche League meetings and Story Time. Both of which never happened as he was the kind of newborn who randomly melted down. I also didn't really struggle with breastfeeding, but that's a tale for another time. Most Story Times in Nashville take the summer off, but I'm excited to work story time into our week. I think it'll be a nice way to break up our day.

When Phoenix starts school in a few weeks I plan on starting the transition to one nap a day. He probably could still take two naps for a few more months, but for consistency sake I'm going to transition early. We transitioned early from four to three and from three to two and he napped better after each transition.

Onto the links!

Speaking of Caviar + Bananas, my friend Abbey shared a review on her blog this week. Her photos will give you a better idea of the restaurant's vibe.

"Everything" Guacamole | Kick up a basic guacamole by adding Trader Joe's new "everything but the bagel" seasoning! I'm sure I mentioned this before, but we are traveling to New York City this fall. During Phoenix's first year of life we went on five different road trips: three to Chicago, one to St. Louis, and one to Cincinnati. Phoenix does not travel well in the car. Hopefully, flying will make our travel days easier. I'm saving all of the toddler travel tips I can find!

A friend is graciously loaning us packing cubes. I'm excited to use them. We have to bring our travel bed, so I want all of our clothes in one suitcase.

I am adding this mediterranean avocado chickpea pasta salad to our meal plan this weekend! What meals have made your meal plan lately?

This pretty black and white gingham top would transition well from the pregnancy to postpartum. Peplum tops are ideal for a postpartum body!

Happy Weekend, all!

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