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Weekend Links / / John Mayer Edition

Several years ago, Jordan and I took my parent's film camera out of storage. I used to play with it as a kid, but somehow I never broke it! We brought it with us to California last year, but only finished enough rolls for development recently. I've missed the excitement behind getting film developed. You never really knew what you'd get back!

Tuesday night, Jordan and I joined friends to see John Mayer live. This was my fourth time seeing Mayer and even if you only casually like his music, he is worth seeing in concert. This particular tour was a combination of full band, acoustic, and his Trio. I first saw Mayer in 2003! My friend, Lauren, and I went together. Her mom drove us to the show and I assume waited around until it was over! Several years ago I explained how Jordan officially asked me out at a John Mayer Trio concert.

Onto the links!

A few summers ago I purchased two crop tops, which paired with overalls never felt overly revealing. Those tops are now used as pool coverups. For my current phase of life, I gravitate towards the loose and almost crop top. The red and white stripped version is from Madewell (affiliate). It's really soft and has a nice structure to it.

These two posts are helpful: How to Wear a Crop Tank in Your 30s + Why the Crop is a Summer Essential.

Madewell Stripped Boxy Tee

In other fashion news, I took Kate's suggestion and cut off the hem of a pair of jeans. I love the fit of my Levi 721 high waisted jeans (they cinch everything in perfectly), but they were simply a few inches too long. Jordan

Have you eaten sweet potato toast? I tried it the other night, but I don't think I gave the potato strips enough time to fully toast. Kristin's combo of egg, spinach, and avocado sounds delicious and extremely filling.

Trader Joe's is my favorite place to grocery shop (everyone is helpful and friendly), especially for snacks!! This round-up is excellent if you need an understanding of what items they sell. I enjoyed Erica and Kelsey's discussion of their favorite Trader Joe's items. If you haven't had their chocolate peanut butter cups run, don't walk, to a store near you!

I find Tracy's home organization and meal prep formula memorizing. Is that weird? This homework station is perfect, but could easily be for stationary or possibly bill paying?

Happy Weekend, all!

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