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Weekend Links / / Fall Colors and Sad Car Faces

Weekend Links / / Fall Colors and Sad Car Faces We spent last weekend in Illinois for Jordan's grandfather's funeral. While the reasoning behind our last-minute trip wasn't a joyous occasion, seeing Jordan's family was really nice. Phoenix loved being around his grandparents, aunts, and uncle.

The last time we saw his family Phoenix was going through a clingy phase, but this time he barely needed me. ;-) I appreciated your encouraging messages after I shared Phoenix's sad car-face on Instagram. Long car rides are still hard for Phoenix (day or night)!

We're flying home for Thanksgiving this year.

Before we left Phoenix and I modeled in a quick photoshoot for Poly + Bark and I couldn't help but share a few. We recently purchased dining room chairs from Poly + Bark and find them really comfortable. Their fall furniture sale is running right now!

Onto the links! Weekend Links / / Fall Colors and Sad Car Faces

Denim Dress Five Ways | I own a similar denim dress to the one Anne styled and I am excited to try new combinations. When an outfit works I often repeat instead of experimenting.

Karin Rambo of Truncation | It's been awhile since I shared someone to follow, but I felt like you all needed Karin in your feeds. Karin is a mom to three small children (including twins!!) and shares mostly about ethical fashion and capsule wardrobes. I especially enjoy her take on dressing stylish, but practically as a mom.

When a Place Becomes Part of You | "Do you ever feel that there are certain places in the world that are more important and meaningful to you than others? Places that you think of and immediately feel some kind of emotion?" 

We have now lived in Nashville for three years. This is almost hard to believe! Nashville feels like home to me now, but there are elemants to the midwest I miss.

Easy No-Cook Salsa | Phoenix not only loves guacamole, but we can now add salsa to the list. I've never made my own salsa, but this recipe uses canned tomatoes which is a great option when you don't have access to garden tomatoes.

The Fall Colors and Seeking Joy | Bridget's post made me cry. I love her reflections on motherhood.

Happy Weekend, all!

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