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Weekend Links / / Hey, Natalie's Back

Weekend Links / / Hey, Natalie's Back


I'm dragging a bit this morning. Not only was wine night last night (I haven't been able to go in months!), Jordan and I attended a HALFNOISE concert. Whew. Thankfully, I'm off work today. :-) Overall, this week felt like a reprieve from the busyness of the last couple of months. I was able to get my hair cut and colored and read several nights before bed. It's the little wins, right?

Speaking of small wins.  I'd love to hear from you, moms of toddlers, (especially within the 15-20 month range) about what daily cleaning and organizing tasks you accomplish while they are awake. Though I know this often is the time when people might be adding in another baby, which obviously means nothing is getting done. ;-)

Phoenix is into everything (we circle around making messes and cleaning said messes). He is so busy, but also clingy. As I'm  writing this out, I'm recognizing he must be going through a developmental leap as in the last week or so he started climbing on everything. Which rarely works out for either of us. HAHA.

Phoenix and I leave for Chicago on Monday, so as soon as I'm off work tomorrow it's prep time! I hope you all have the best Thanksgiving. ;-)

Onto the links!

Homemade (Vegan) Hot Chocolate Mix | The holidays are upon us and all I want to do at the end of a long day is curl up in a fluffy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate. I grew up with floating miniature marshmallows, but I prefer a more intense chocolate flavor nowadays. Because it's dairy-free, this hot chocolate mix would be a wonderful homemade holiday gift.

How to Hide Lamp Cords | This trick is genius!

There's Still Time | Brittany shares openly and honestly on her blog about the growth that is becoming a mother. This particular post is about choosing to have a second baby. It took us almost three years to get pregnant with Phoenix, so I am aware that pregnancy timing doesn't always align with our desires.

I chose early on if I was able to get pregnant I would really dip deep into the baby years and not jump into another pregnancy quickly. Would you have chosen the spacing of your children if you could have or do you like how it is?

Hey Natalie Jean | Guys, guys!! Natalie's archives are back on the internet and I am so, so excited! Natalie stopped blogging last year (though, she is still fairly active on Instagram) and I frantically saved a few of her posts before she took it all down. BUT, they are back. If you didn't follow Natalie as a blogger might I suggest starting with this blog post.

Happy Weekend, all!

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I Took the Olay 28 Day Challenge and Here Are My Results

I Took the Olay 28 Day Challenge and Here Are My Results

Weekend Links / / Phoenix's First Fall

Weekend Links / / Phoenix's First Fall