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Weekend Links / / Phoenix's First Fall

Weekend Links / / Phoenix's First Fall


Hey Friends. Friday is here! Phoenix had his first big fall on Monday. He tripped over his own feet. His nose started bleeding and it now looks like he has a rug burn on his face. Poor baby. Between daylight savings, Phoenix's fall, and generally not adjust well to one nap a day I am ready for a weekend reset.

I finished my last week of working four days a week. Honestly, it was too much but as I tell myself during the grind, working decisions aren't permanent.

What are your weekend plans? I see everyone already decorating their Christmas tree and I want to join in the fun! But, we're saving that for December. I requested a whole weekend off to make a fun outing of it.

Onto the links!

Motherhood: Embracing a Season | I really related to Megan's reflection on reevaluating the work/life balance. Or lack there of. Jordan and I are reconsidering what my work life needs to resemble to maintain our home life. We are gathering information and I hope to find a better answer.

Jordan's business has changed a lot over the years. He once was a one-man production and now he has employees! It's a privilege to have the ability to readjust working situations.

| This was a fascinating podcast interview. Essentially, most problems are solved by sleeping more. We devalue sleep in America and it's reflective in our health. A better nights sleep aides in better decision making. How do you prioritize sleep?

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids | I asked for kid gift suggestions (for my family + friend's kids) on Instagram and many of your picks are in Sara's gift guide. Most notably are anything STEM related. If you have elementary aged kids what are you getting them?

Beer Cheddar Sauce for Pretzels and Other Carbs | Need I say more? But seriously, this sauce should appear on any appetizer table.

10 Stylish Winter Coats for Women | I purchased my winter coat nearly seven years ago from Nordstrom Rack. It's in great condition, but I'd like to add a dressier wool version or even a trench coat into my closet.

Happy Weekend, all!

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Weekend Links / / Hey, Natalie's Back

Weekend Links / / Hey, Natalie's Back

New York City with a Toddler: Day One in Brooklyn

New York City with a Toddler: Day One in Brooklyn