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Weekend Links / / Project You and Me

Weekend Links / / Project You and Me Mixing it up for this week's Weekend Links addition by participating in Ginger Parrish's You and Me Project.

You: are 16 months old ▪️never stop moving ▪️silly and curious, but often get overwhelmed in new environments ▪️ never far from me (preferably with your hand down my shirt 🙃)▪️constantly asking "what is that?" to anyone that'll answer ▪️have a hard time with transitions ▪️ love going to school (but equally love reuniting). - Me: Need to up my workout game aka start moving! ▪️wonder if I contribute enough to my family and community ▪️listen to podcasts all day long ▪️obsessed with mybyta cup (it keeps my iced lattes icy for hours!) ▪️in a love affair with TJ's cookie butter sandwich cookies (often with hot chocolate at night)▪️still breastfeeding, but stopped pumping at work! 🙌🏻 #projectyouandme

Weekend Links / / Project You and Me

Weekend Links / / Project You and Me

Weekend Links / / Project You and Me

Onto the links!

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After a week of eating indulgent holiday food, I was ready to get back to my kitchen. Katie mentioned cooking butter chickpea curry and it's such an easy and cozy meal. I followed this recipe substituting potatoes for carrots (what I had on hand) and tomato sauce for tomato soup.

While Phoenix napped at my in-laws house, Jordan and I snuck away to see Greta Gerwig's Lady Bird. When family is around we try to watch a movie in the theaters. Seeing a movie in the theaters feels indulgent, but it's also an activity that doesn't require you to be gone for very long. This was especially necessary when Phoenix nursed more often.

BUT, back to Lady Bird. It's a beautiful, everyday, human story. Saoirse Ronan, as an actress, is captivating. Jordan and I also finally watched The Big Sick  (streaming with Amazon Prime!). Zoe Kazan is one of my favorite actresses.

My friend gave me several bags full of toys her kids no longer used. I stored many of them away because at the time Phoenix was still a tiny baby. It's important for me to not overwhelm Phoenix with too many toys at once, so I rotate often. I recently pulled out the Bristle Block Stackadoos and he quickly became obsessed. Not only does Phoenix enjoy the textured blocks, the container provides entertainment. He will stay rather occupied filling and emptying the container.

Have you tried or bought a ThirdLove Bra? I recently returned a few bras from another retailer because they were so uncomfortable! ThirdLove is often a featured sponsor on the podcasts I listen to and their service is intriguing. I still find wearing a nursing bra easier (they have nursing bras now!), which is partly why I've been wearing one bra for the past year. I own three different foundations, but one bra. HAHA. It's probably time to get a new one though. ;-)

Happy Weekend, all!

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