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Weekend Links / / Staying Warm

Weekend Links / / Staying Warm


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Hi Friends! Are you staying warm? It's still really cold in Nashville. Phoenix's school had a two-hour delay on Thursday due to the cold. Also, can we address the frustration that is finagling last-minute childcare arrangements?! I pray this winter is gentle on us.

We met Jordan after Phoenix's nap on Friday afternoon to finally take our 2017 family photos! It's still the beginning of January, so I think we're okay. ;-) November and December are busy months for us, so I'm wondering if we should, in the future, take the photos in September. When do you usually have your family photos taken?

P.S. If you'd like our New Years card, DM me your address on Instagram.

Yesterday, Jordan and I went to a wedding. The ceremony was outside (it was maybe 30°!). Don't worry, we were told to dress in layers. I basically brought a blanket. :-) The wedding itself was in the late afternoon, so Jordan and I had time to grab Jeni's ice cream before relieving our sitter.

Onto the links!

I believe I mentioned my request to Jordan for a few bedroom updates. Well, I'm here to report we made our first purchase -- lamps!

Periodically, while Phoenix is bathing, I clean and organize the drawers where I keep my makeup and hair care product. You can't see my lashes without mascara, but lately I haven't been wearing mascara everyday. I took a trip to Ulta this week to replace all of my expired mascara in preparation for our family photos.

I kept hearing raves about L'Oreal's newest mascara, Voluminous Lash Paradise, and so I took the plunge. And it totally lives up! I will say I bought their primer to go with it and the combination is doing wonders for my lashes.

I need a new soup in my rotation and this detox lentil soup sounds amazing.  We've been eating a lot of pasta. I made this creamy tuscan garlic chicken pasta earlier in the week (to use up some leftover ingredients) and it was so good. Too good.

Happy Weekend, all!

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New York City with a Toddler: Walking The Brooklyn Bridge

New York City with a Toddler: Walking The Brooklyn Bridge

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