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Currently / / April


March Recap

March was a busy month. I was sick at the beginning of the month (with an actual fever), which turned into allergies. My cough lasted for the entire month. I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle coughing last week. We hosted an Oscar's Party and then some of Jordan's family came to visit us in the middle of March. There was an overlap, but we had guests with us for 10 days. It's really sweet to see Phoenix interact with his extended family. Even though he goes months in-between seeing family, he appears to know and remember them. Yay for FaceTime!

He asks to talk his grandparents everyday.

My major accomplishment for the month was filing our taxes. I started working on our expenses in January (Jordan is self-employed, so we have to itemize everything). The business owes, but it's over and I don't have to think about it until next year!

Oh, and I dyed my hair pink again! The team at Fruition Salon in Nashville are amazing. The pink will completely wash out. I've washed it three times now and it still has a decent amount of pigment.


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Showering | With Raw Sugar bar soap. I've really been into using bar soaps lately. They are usually cheaper than liquid and last forever. This kind I buy at Target (it's free of parabens, sulfates, etc) and it has a nice refreshing scent and leaves my skin clean without being drying.

Cultivating | My closet. It's such an on-going process, but I finally figured out why I struggle getting ready besides mom-casual attire. I lack layering pieces! You know what's essential for in-between seasons and yet I owned none? Cardigans! This is what I've been missing.

I used ThredUp credit towards two neutral cardigans. Remember the Everlane shirts I mentioned last month? When it's cooler I'll throw on my new cardigans and call it a day!

Expecting | Jordan and I's 10th wedding anniversary is next week and I still remember all of the feelings. At 21 I certainly didn't know what to expect, but it's been a wonderful journey. ;-) We aren't celebrating day of, but we have a few trips planned for this year. I'm very excited!

Making | The month of March was supposed to be our "no-spend" month. It didn't exactly turn out that way, BUT I really rocked our grocery budget. This was the main area I wanted to tame. I didn't make any impulse purchases and despite not buying fancy ingredients I felt inspired to cook dinners. My two go-to meals this month were chicken cacciatore and beef tacos.

Buying |Portable blackout shades. This might totally be a parenting gimmick, but Phoenix and I are traveling out-of-town this weekend and I wanted to try them. Phoenix sleeps pretty well when we travel, but he does get up earlier when we're in the same room. I'll report back if these make a difference!

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