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A Day in the Life | Toddler Edition

A Day in the Life | Toddler Edition

A Day in the Life | Toddler Edition
A Day in the Life | Toddler Edition

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A Day in the Life

I have been meaning to document a day in our life post for months! The last time I documented our day was in December of 2016. These are honestly some of my favorite blog posts to read. I like taking a peek into other parent's lives. I want to know how they maintain their home while wrangling their kids.

Before I dive into our day, here's a little back story on the structure of our week. Phoenix is 20 months old and attends school two days a week, while I am at work. I work three days a week (Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday). We have a baby-sitter Saturday mornings too. This allows Jordan to wrap up work projects, so the rest of the weekend can be relaxing. #selfemployed

On weekdays, when Phoenix and I are home together, we usually get out of the house and do an activity in the morning - whether it's the library, grocery store, or the zoo - and spend the afternoon playing outside and inside while I do housework.

My parenting philosophy thus far is to encourage independent play. Phoenix makes crafts at school, so outside of the occasionally coloring pages, I have yet to plan structured activities for him. Maybe that'll change, but as of right now he's either attached to me (usually reading books) or creating little imaginative moments with his toys.


6:45 | I slowly wake up. I have to wake up extremely early on work days, so I rarely wake up before Phoenix unless we need to get out of the house early. I know Phoenix will be up in a few minutes, so I check my phone.

7 | I hear Phoenix babbling. He's been sleeping really well since day light savings time. *

7-7:30 | I lift Phoenix from his crib and head downstairs to nurse. Before anything else I change his diaper because it's full!! I pour my iced coffee and start breakfast. This morning Phoenix eats eggs, frozen blueberries, and a little banana bread. He also proceeds to want my eggs!

8 | By this point Jordan is up. Once Phoenix is cleaned up they read books for a bit while I finish breakfast.

8:30 | Usually Jordan is trying to get out of the door, but he's taking the morning slow. I take advantage and get ready while Jordan and Phoenix FaceTime his parents.

9-9:15 | I put on Peg + Cat while I pack Phoenix's diaper bag. I love this show is all about problem solving. It's streaming on Amazon Prime.

9:30 | My main goal for today is to get a fuel emissions test. I had hoped the line would be short enough to also make it to story time, but it wasn't!

10:15 | 45 minutes later we are finally finished! Before going home we return a Redbox movie.

10:30 - 11 | Phoenix is already showing tired signs, but before we start lunch we go upstairs and put some laundry away.

11-11:15 | Phoenix eats grape tomatoes and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. He ate quite a lot of snacks while waiting for our emissions test.

11:15-11:45 | Play time in Phoenix's room. I start drafting a sponsored Instagram post I'll publish later on.


11:45 | I change Phoenix's diaper and nurse him before placing him in his crib for a nap. Phoenix usually babbles to himself for a few minutes, but after 10 minutes he starts really crying. This is rare so I go upstairs to check if he accidentally put his legs through the crib slates (which he does sometimes).

I'm not really sure what set him off except his room felt a little warm. I adjusted his fan before walking out of the room. He cried for maybe one more minute.

12 |  I eat lunch while watching the latest episode of Project Runway All Stars. I also begin drafting this blog post. I had a hard time adjusting to the two-one nap time transition. Phoenix usually only sleeps for 90 minutes and I felt frantic trying to get everything in before he wakes up. That only made me tired and irritated, so now during his nap I'll eat lunch, tackle a little work (draft an Instagram post perhaps), read and take a 15 minute power nap.

It's good for Phoenix to see Jordan and I do housework. I no longer feel pressured to only clean while he naps.

1:30 | I had just settled in when I heard Phoenix crying. He was rather irritable and didn't want to nurse, so he had some water.  I can tell he's having a bit of an Easter withdrawal. We went to church and a friend's house (+ there was a dog) for lunch and he had the best time.

2 | Phoenix often needs to veg out a bit before diving back into playing, so I put on a show while he ate a snack.

2:30 | Phoenix starts to wake up from his post nap fog and begins to play with his workbench, so I turn off the television. I pull out frozen ground beef to thaw for dinner, we're having tacos for dinner.

I also begin to organize our coffee/tea cabinet and send out a group text to a friend who’s visiting in a few weeks!

3 | Phoenix asks to nurse. At this point, on good weather days, Phoenix and I go outside for an hour. He's generally antsy, but it had been raining all day so our yard was muddy. Instead we go upstairs to play. I organize a few things I need to return while alternating tending to him. This is the dance I play all day. One task for me, one task for Phoenix!


4 | This is Phoenix's meltdown hour, but having dinner early helps! Phoenix had a turkey hot dog (the only "meat" he'll eat!), tater tots, peas, a few grapes and greek yogurt. He's been eating pretty well the last few days, but for most of March he wouldn't eat typical dinner food. Maybe he was teething? I manage to chop an onion and cook down the ground beef for tacos. This is my favorite taco recipe. It doesn't even require taco seasoning!

Jordan comes home from work early. Phoenix was very excited to see him though he had to finish up some work in his office. Jordan tries to be home by 5:30, but sometimes he misses bedtime. It all depends on the week.

4:30 | Bath time. Phoenix is content pouring water from his toys for about 20 minutes . Phoenix asks to brush his teeth as soon as I take him out of the bath. Brush teeth he says!

5 | For the next 45 minutes I'm trying to keep Phoenix from melting down. We go back downstairs to read his new book. Phoenix received two things for Easter - a plush BB-8 toy and the Star Wars book, ABC-3CPO. He LOVES the book. We sat and read it for 15 minutes. I even managed to clean up his dinner area while he looked over the pages!

5: 45 | Jordan comes up to help put Phoenix to bed. They play for a few minutes before putting his toys away. I prep the room. Phoenix sleeps with a sound machine, fan, and he still wears a sleep sack.

6 | I nurse Phoenix before saying night-night! Phoenix usually just babbles for 15-20 minutes, but this night (re: Easter hangover) he did cry for a few minutes. He rarely cries at bedtime anymore! It was important for me to make sleep drama-free and 95% of the time it is for us. Phoenix was a terrible sleeper and cried all of the time as a baby, but we worked on it little-by-little and now he asks to go bed.

Mama's out for the night!

Thanks for following a long. Do your days look similar? 

*I'm posting this the day after. I decided to wake up early and of course Phoenix does too! haha. I swear he knows when I am up.

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