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Currently / / October

Currently / / October


Friends, hi! Can I just say I am so excited for a change of season. I’m ready for our stolen car drama to be behind us. As of right now we’re waiting for our payout before buying a new car. I’m ready for cooler temperatures. I’m ready for football and chili Sundays. I’m ready for it all!

wearing | I’m slowly easing into my fall wardrobe and easing out of shorts and tank tops. The highs are still in the 80 (it’s actually going to be 90 on Thursday), but the mornings are cooler so I can get away with wearing light layers. I love my new jeans from Everlane and Carly Jean Los Angeles kimonos.

collecting | I used to be such a collector, but over the years (and through our moves) I’ve become inclined to limit collecting. Except cookbooks. I LOVE cookbooks. I recently picked up a used copy of Mark Bittmans, How to Cook Everything. It’s the kind of cookbook you open when you want to know what temperature to set your oven when roasting broccoli.

making | I bake banana bread weekly, but now that cooler temps are on their way I want to start baking yeasty bread again. I hope Phoenix will remember me baking like I remember my mom baking!

taking | We still don’t have a new car to replace our car that was stolen, so we’re having to be creative with taking one another to work. Jordan and I actually shared a car for the first two years of our marriage, but I’ll be glad to have a second car soon!

planning | Phoenix’s halloween costume. I’m not one for crafts or DIY projects, so I’m always a bit surprised when I come up with a project idea. It’s Star Wars themed, but I’m keeping the actual costume a surprise!

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